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Dental Care Tips for Kids

While teething is certainly a big thing in a baby's life but what happen after their teeth cut through? 

In today's society, sweets are so easily accessible to youngster that cavities among young children is on the rise. Some might think, well is only their baby teeth, they will get replaced by permanent adult teeth later. But what most people don't know is that baby teeth actually plays a very important role in a child's development of the jaw, muscles and adult teeth. When a child's baby teeth fall out too early, due to accident or severe tooth decay, the teeth beside the empty space can start to move or shift before the permanent teeth grow in to take their place. When this happen, there might be insufficient space for the permanent teeth to grow in and therefore extensive orthodontic work might be needed in the future.

Eggie Baby has partner up with The Pampered Baby to share some tips about dental care for kids during October which is also the National Dental Hygiene month. 


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